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slave passion

         Wendy bear


slave passion is owned by and married to Master D. She has thrown herself into serving the community, with the blessing of her Master, since 2002. She holds the title of Northeast slave 2012 and is one half of Mama’s BlackBEAT Duo. She co-founded BlackBEAT Philly Metro and the Submissive SCENE and is the Director of MAsT: Cherry Hill. She proudly served as one of the producers of the LLC – Philadelphia and is co-owner and a producer of Philadelphia Leather Pride Night, both events winners of a Pantheon of Leather award. slave passion has presented at MsC, SELF, NWLC, Leather Reign, West Coast LINK, Brimstone, NDD/s Bootcamp and numerous MAsT groups. She is an alumnus of MTTA. If you have met slave passion, you know she has a deep love for her family, Alabama football – Roll Tide, her wonderful friends and traveling as often as she and her Master are able. She feels that education for the M/s, D/s, Leather and Kink communities is a priority.

Associate Producer-Logistics

Master D

Charles bear Master D has been in the lifestyle for the past 14 years and is a very active member of the Philadelphia area community. He holds the title of Northeast Master 2012 and along with his slave, is a proud member of Mama’s family as Mama’s BlackBEAT Duo. Master D is currently on the producing team for The M/s Gathering and Director of MAsT: Wilmington DE. He is co-founder of two groups, BlackBEAT Philly Metro and From The Top, a discussion group for Masters/Dominants/Tops. For the past 7 years he has worked on the staff of Philadelphia Leather Pride Night as well as being on the staff for the LLC – Philadelphia and NDDs Bootcamp. He is an alum of MTTA. He has presented at MsC, SELF, NWLC, Leather Reign, West Coast LINK, Brimstone, NDD/s Bootcamp and numerous MAsT groups. He has judged Master/slave contests at MsC and NWLC. Master D enjoys sports, a good restaurant, well really just eating, and spending time with family and friends. Master D has several passions in his life, one being his slave passion (aptly named), his obsession with sneakers (bet you can’t guess how many pairs he has) and a love of music (you just may come across his alter ego, DJ Big Pimpin’). 

Associate Producer-Operations

slave beth

biopic-bethslave beth has been active in the Philadelphia area M/s and leather community since 1998. She is owned by Sir Robert and has been in service to him since 2002.  slave beth enjoys learning as well as sharing what she has learned with others. She is a member of MAsT: Philadelphia, MAsT: Cherry Hill, BlackBEAT Philly Metro, and a member of Mama’s Family (Mama’s Community Chef). She is also Co-founder of the Submissive SCENE.  slave beth has served as a staff member for Philadelphia Leather Pride for the past six years and is deeply honored to have recently been made a co-producer for the event.   She was also member of the local organizing committee for the 2014 Leather Leadership Conference and has been a presenter at NDD/s Bootcamp, The Victorian, and various other MAsT groups and munches in the Northeast Region. In her spare time, slave beth enjoys cooking and baking, and breaking bread with others – sharing not only food but also her passion for the importance of the family table. She lives with her Master and his children in Southern New Jersey, where she is also in-service to their cats.

Associate Producer-Programming

Sir Robert

biopic-bob2Sir Robert has been in the lifestyle for 20 years, and is the proud Master and Owner of slave beth for the last 14 years. Sir Robert believes that there is something to learn from everyone he meets and enjoys listening to others share their thoughts and experiences about their journey. In this spirit, he is the Associate Director of MAsT: Cherry Hill, co-founder of From The Top, as well as a member of MAsT: Philadelphia and BlackBEAT Philly Metro. He is an alumnus of the MTTA Academy and has also been the featured speaker for local groups. In his spare time, He enjoys playing online poker, going to flea markets and yard sales, movies, theater and live music.  Sir Robert lives with slave beth and his children in Southern New Jersey where they are all in-service to the household’s cats.



Sponsorships –

133BMaster_SirJslave – (slave_kathleen) i am a 24/7 submissive/slave to my Master and W/we are growing and nurturing a Total Power Exchange (TPE) lifestyle/relationship. Working from home i am a full time caregiver to my dad. i love to cook, and organize things. i feel pride, satisfaction and accomplished in keeping a clean organized home. i love to read, and write. You can find many of my articles on my Fetlife page and at The BDSM Training Academy group site. In addition to my writing i am a group leader for SDD/s (Southern Delaware D/s) group and The BDSM Training Academy and Fetlife group. Last year Master and i were honored to present at the BDSM 101 class for our SDD/s group and W/we will be presenting in March at the MAsT Salisbury education day. i get great satisfaction in sharing and helping to support and educate others who are exploring this lifestyle and taking this journey. Moving forward on this journey it is my desire to serve first my Master and then this unique M/s – BDSM community.

Fundraising –

Velvetslave Velvet-Storm has been in the lifestyle for many years and continues to grow in her slavehood. She is a founding member of the MID ATLANTIC ONYX PEARLS , where she holds the position of Vice-President and is Ms. New Jersey Leather 2017. Velvet is also an  associate member of the MID ATLANTIC MEN OF ONYX. She is also a recent graduate of the MTTA slave academy. She has held the position of Secretary for MAsT Cherry Hill for the last 3 years and a member of MAsT Wilmington. She is very grateful of her MAsT family in her their love and support and assisting her in achieving her goals as a slave. She is a determined strong advocate on same sex abuse, domestic violence and mental health issues. She suffers from PTSD and uses her experience in discussion groups, most especially in our community as well as the vanilla community. She recently was asked to go live on the Internet show THE WORLD AROUND US to speak about a patient’s perspective on PTSD.

Security –

Master Kim I have been an active member of the leather community for 18 years and am a current member of PLA and Mama’s Family. I possess a strong sense of fulfillment when in service to our community as well as the community at large. I immensely enjoy serving our community in the capacity as Dungeon Monitor and Bootblack. I am a volunteer/fundraiser for HRC, the ACLU and FACT. Additionally, I participate/volunteer in various area groups and events such as NDD/s, Coast2Coast, Just Hanging Out, Bootcamp and PLPN. In my spare time I enjoy art, woodworking and am an avid camper at The Woods Campground where I held the title of Ms. Woods Leather 2013.  

Group Outreach –

RowanRowanKylara  has been active in the Philadelphia area community since 2011. She is owned by Sir Argo and has been in service to him since 2012. RowanKylara serves as the MAsT: Wilmington DE Secretary and is a member of MAsT: Philadelphia and MAsT: Cherry Hill. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, reading, crafting, and spending time with friends and family. At the inaugural weekend of The M/s Gathering, RowanKylara served as the Ambassador for the Ass Midget.

Social Media/Marketing –

fbc2406a-2595-444e-b496-784c6a084ebdMason deRou Mason deRou is a 35 year old primal Master who began his walk into the public kink scene in 2009. He has dominion over servant Kimi deRou and is the Alpha Dominant of La Meute de Rougaroux (The Rougarou Pack). He is a uniform fetishist, pony trainer, erotic photographer and also loves the littles! Mason’s primary focus is the integration of kink into consensual authority transfer dynamics as an enhancement and reinforcement of the unique bond among individuals involved in such a relationship. He also leverages his relative youth to build bridges among several kinky tribes and subcultures, allowing the voices of both past and current generations of kinksters to be heard. Mason has presented at BESS, Black Rose, CLUE, Weekend Reunion and several MAsT chapters. He is a member of Black Rose, MAsT: DC Pan and MAsT: Washington and is also an alumnus of the MTTA Academy (Master Training XX). He currently resides in the Washington, DC area. 


Assistant to Executive Producer –

aura avatar 1Abby has been active in the lifestyle for a number of years.  She and Cobalt Dragon are enjoying their journey together and work to serve the community more each year.  abby enjoys learning and sharing with others.  She enjoys serving the community, and is a member of various non-profit organizations, including Treasurer for a local non-profit.  She is a member of MAsT: Wilmington, DE.  She volunteered during the inaugural year of the M/s Gathering in 2015, and has been on staff since 2016.  abby enjoys spending time with friends and family, hosting parties, and singing alone in the car, shower, or wherever else nobody can hear.

Assistant to Logistics –

Cobalt Dragon has been active in the lifestyle for a number of years.  He and abby are enjoying their journey together and work to serve the community more each year.  He is proud to be an MTTA Academy 2016 alumnus.  Cobalt Dragon serves as Junior Co-Director of MAsT: Wilmington, DE.  He has been a volunteer for the M/s Gathering every year since its inception, and is excited to be on staff this year.  He enjoys spending time with family and friends, Steelers football, and dancing.  If there is a song playing, most likely you’ll see him on the dance floor.

Assistant to Programming/Operations –

098 - Copy (2)Angel  started in the lifestyle in 1995 and is currently the Treasurer for MAsT Cherry Hill. Over the years, she has attended several educational groups and events. She believes that education is a life long journey and that there’s always something to learn. She enjoys meeting people and learning about their journey.