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mistress-susanMistress Susan

Mistress Susan hails from the Western NY/Rochester area. She found her way to Leather in the early ’80s in the bars of NY. Since then she has taken an active role in the Master slave community and believes in being a positive resource.

In 2005, Mistress Susan was honored with the Southeast Master title. She then earned the title of International Master 2006. Over the years, Mistress Susan has traveled throughout the US and parts of Canada, presenting on a wide variety of topics concerning M/s.  

Currently, she is the Co-Director of MAsT Rochester producer/owner of Upstate ABR Events and Education Committee Chair for M/sC, MTTA Board of Directors. She and her slave continue to travel and present their unique perspectives on the M/s dynamic.  

Mistress Susan is a sailor, and associates much of her view on mastery with that of sailing and navigation.

Her passions include creating a safe and supportive community, upholding Leather traditions, education, and the practice of ethical mastery.

slave-teagan Slave Teagan

Slave Teagan found his way to the world of Leather/SM through the fetish clubs of Japan in 1982. He later became active in the Leather Community in the southeast US. In 2005 he was honored with the Southeast Slave title and later, the title of International slave 2006. He is also the recipient of the 2013 Slave Heart Award.

Slave Teagan believes his life of surrender and service has given him greater purpose and enriched his life immensely. In addition, when we share our knowledge and experience we create stronger relationships and community.

Slave Teagan is dedicated to providing quality education concerning the Master and slave dynamic, helping others actualize their identities in healthy and fulfilling ways, and being a positive and supportive resource within the community.

He is currently is the co-director of MAsT Rochester, producer/owner of Upstate ABR Events, and director of the Submissives’ SEEC group/retreat, all located in western NY. He continues to travel and present on a wide variety of topics concerning the Master and slave dynamic.