Featured Discussion Leaders

laurachats1Laura Antoniou

 Laura Antoniou is the author of the well known Marketplace series of erotic novels, but has also written dozens of short stories, essays and other works in various genres for over 25 years. Winner of the NLA & the Pantheon of Leather Lifetime Achievement Awards and the Jack McGeorge Excellence in Education Award, she has presented, taught and ranted at over 150 conferences and events since the early 80’s, delivering enlightenment, entertainment and indictments. She has also appeared at colleges and universities, including NYU, Harvard, Rutgers, Columbia and the University of Washington.

Over the years, her work has been translated into Spanish, German, Japanese and Hebrew; in 2010, she hit the world of e-books as the Marketplace moved to Circlet Press, and Laura came out as Christopher Morgan, best-selling writer of gay male erotica, including the novel Musclebound. Together with her wife, Karen Taylor, she has written a ritually correct leather Passover seder, titled Avadim Chayanu, available for free upon asking. All of her other available works can be found listed at her website, lantoniou.com

Laura is personally featured in Writing Below the Belt; Conversations with Erotic Authors, by Michael Rowe, and The Burning Pen; Sex Writers on Sex Writing, by M. Christian. The first Chris Parker story written outside of a Marketplace book was chosen to be in Take Me There, Tristan Taormino’s 2011 collection of transgender erotica, and won the John Preston Award for best short story from the NLA. She was also a columnist for Girlfriends magazine and for Alt.com, the editor of Badboy and Bi-Curious, and a regular contributor to the SandMUtopia Guardian from 1993-2000

Laura plans more novels in the Marketplace series, and a collection of fan-written stories set in that universe as well. In 2013, her first comedy mystery, The Killer Wore Leather, came out from Cleis Books. It won the Pauline Reage award for Best Novel from the NLA and the Rainbow Books Best LGBT Mystery awards. In 2015, after a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, the 6th novel in the Marketplace series, The Inheritor, was released, with more to come.

mstr-taino Master Taino

Master Taíno has been active in the Leather community for close to a quarter century. He has a Leather Family of 13 members and a household with one live-in slave. He is the owner of slave paul since 2010.

He founded MTTA, Inc., a non-profit organization that runs MTTA Academy (www.mttaacademy.org), the Master/slave History Program (www.mtta.info), as well as the annual Master/slave Conference (www.masterslaveconference.org), among other programs.

He has presented workshops around the country since 2001 and has been a keynote speaker at Black Beat, the Leather History Conference and Behind Closed Doors.

He has been honored with the Vi Johnson Award at Black Beat 2012, the Pantheon of Leather’s “Man of the Year 2011 Award”, the “Master Steve Golden Paintbrush Award 2011” at the Southwest Leather Conference, the “Jack Stice Memorial Award 2010” at South Plains Leather Fest, the “Black Rose Vaughn Keith National Educator Award” in October 2009, among many others.

He is a member of Defenders Leather Levi Club since 1993 and served as President for three years (2002-2005) and he is an Associate member of ONYX Mid-Atlantic since 2013. He also founded MAsT Washington in 1999, one of the oldest chapters.

Master Taíno has a very comprehensive website: www.mastertaino.com. He can be reached at Master@mastertaino.com

mmandsa Master Michael & slave angie

Master Michael is proud to own slave angie, and she is grateful to be His. They have been living a Master/slave dynamic for thirteen years, a relationship based on service, responsibility, love and respect. Michael and angie never stop exploring the potential within themselves and what they have together. Their commitment to the Master/slave and leather/kink community is to encourage others to explore the same potential with themselves. Michael and angie have presented on M/s and kink topics around the world. They are honored to be International Master/slave 2014. Michael is Executive Producer of Illinois Leather Alliance, Assistant Regional Representation of MAsT: Great Lakes region, and full member of Chicago Leather Club. . Angie is Treasurer for Chicago Leather Club and a member of the Butchmann’s Board of Directors. She also is the Bootblack/Leather woman/dynamo shouting “WEEE” on the back-seat of Master Michael’s Harley.

mistress-susanMistress Susan

Mistress Susan hails from the Western NY/Rochester area. She found her way to Leather in the early ’80s in the bars of NY. Since then she has taken an active role in the Master slave community and believes in being a positive resource.

In 2005, Mistress Susan was honored with the Southeast Master title. She then earned the title of International Master 2006. Over the years, Mistress Susan has traveled throughout the US and parts of Canada, presenting on a wide variety of topics concerning M/s.  

Currently, she is the Co-Director of MAsT Rochester producer/owner of Upstate ABR Events and Education Committee Chair for M/sC, MTTA Board of Directors. She and her slave continue to travel and present their unique perspectives on the M/s dynamic.  

Mistress Susan is a sailor, and associates much of her view on mastery with that of sailing and navigation.

Her passions include creating a safe and supportive community, upholding Leather traditions, education, and the practice of ethical mastery.

slave-teagan Slave Teagan

Slave Teagan found his way to the world of Leather/SM through the fetish clubs of Japan in 1982. He later became active in the Leather Community in the southeast US. In 2005 he was honored with the Southeast Slave title and later, the title of International slave 2006. He is also the recipient of the 2013 Slave Heart Award.

Slave Teagan believes his life of surrender and service has given him greater purpose and enriched his life immensely. In addition, when we share our knowledge and experience we create stronger relationships and community.

Slave Teagan is dedicated to providing quality education concerning the Master and slave dynamic, helping others actualize their identities in healthy and fulfilling ways, and being a positive and supportive resource within the community.

He is currently is the co-director of MAsT Rochester, producer/owner of Upstate ABR Events, and director of the Submissives’ SEEC group/retreat, all located in western NY. He continues to travel and present on a wide variety of topics concerning the Master and slave dynamic.

   Mister Blue

Mister-Blue has been active in the kink community for more than a decade and has taken on various roles and responsibilities such as mentor, instructor, and lifestyle adviser. He identifies as a Leather Master and is the Master/Owner of the House of Blue; a Military style Leather family including his alpha submissive Bluefrost. He considers himself a servant to the community as his passion is helping others. As a rope enthusiast, he has introduced many to the different forms of bondage from Shibari to Kinbaku, as well as forms of edge play from asphyxiation to gun, electric, and knife play. Mister-Blue and his family can be seen volunteering and serving the community monthly at dungeons and play spaces, and presenting when requested.

picture6 BlueFrost

BlueFrost is the slave of Mister-Blue and co-owner and Mistress of The House of Blue; a Leather House based in Southern Maryland. BlueFrost is seasoned with years of experience in Kink and BDSM and has many ties throughout the community as a friend, lifestyle coach, mentor, sister and teacher. As such, she enjoys sharing Lifestyle experiences and information with other slaves and submissives. She is a familiar face throughout the community as a frequent participant in workshops, munches and dungeons in the local DC and Baltimore metro areas.

leather-pic Master Ookami

.Aruhua Ookami is the Master of two beautiful slaves and together they have embraced a strong M/s dynamic.  He is a member of Onyx, a national club for leathermen of color.  He is also a member of the House of Ookami, a leather family focused on building strong relationships.  Ookami-san’s vanilla career spans 36 years as an engineer, management consultant, and leadership facilitator.  He has a bachelors of science degree and a masters in public administration.  He has coached young professionals, young athletes, and speaks at national and regional conferences about management, leadership, and change management.  By facilitating here at the M/s Gathering he hopes to share some of these vital lessons and to help you adapt them to your dynamic.