Community Led Discussion Groups

Community led discussion groups are opportunities for individual community members or community groups to lead one of the discussions for the weekend.

Are you or your group interested in leading one of our Community Led Discussions? This is your opportunity to lead a discussion that resonates with you and you feel that our attendees would be interesting in learning about and sharing their views, comments and questions.

Anyone interested in leading a community discussion should contact Programming with the discussion topic they would like to present and moderate.

The 2017 Community Led Discussions

Transparency, Honesty…and Diplomacy – by Master Ben & naomi

Honesty and transparency are certainly important building blocks of Healthy M/s relationships — and their essential nature is a common topic of discussion.  Yet one person’s honesty can be another’s deep and unnecessary wound.
Is well-intentioned “shading” of the truth an act of kindness or deceit? Is there some information that just shouldn’t be shared?
Come prepared to explore the balance between the needs of the transmitter and recipient of “honest information,” and how to decide when and how to share information. 

Tackling The Lone Wolf: The Power of Masterly Bromance – by Master D & Master Ben

 Masters are often “lone wolves.” While this driven individualism is often a source of strength, it also poses challenges. This workshop will explore the lone wolf nature of many Masters and the value of forging bonds between Masters. The class will look at the benefits to each individual – whether in an M/s relationship or not — as well as the value to the relationship. While Master D and Master Ben jokingly refer to their bond as a “bromance,” the class and its contents are not limited by sexual orientation or gender identification.

Negotiations and Contracts – by Lady O

Have you ever negotiated important aspects of your relationship or a contract?  It is important to know one’s needs and wants to ensure that the negotiation and ensuing contract meet the needs of each individual.  Do both partners have equal standing then negotiating? Who writes the contract? This discussion will delve into the many facets of relationship and contract negotiations.  How are the negotiations reflective of your Master/slave relationship, and the needs and wants of the Master and slave?   

Male Slave Wants. Is it more than the Physical? – by slave john

Sometimes we are so focused on what we want, we miss the things we need. Male Slaves crave to give of themselves to their partner and be recognized for it. They want their partner to accept their submission and ultimately expect it.


  • Needs:
    • We need to Breath
    • We need Sustenance
  • Wants
    • We want a Leather Family
    • We want More Play

Male slaves have sometimes been identified as being in the lifestyle and submissive because the WANT to be played with or they WANT sexual attention. This conversation will attempt to:

  • help separate needs and wants,
  • help prioritize needs and wants,
  • help the male determine which wants and needs suit them and how to deal with them,
  • help the male communicate the want/need to his Master.

What happens when a want becomes a need?

The Flip Side – Masters serving slaves – Master Rob & slave lori

How do you handle this? Masters, do you jump in when something needs to be done if your slave is sick, out of town, or just because? slaves, are you uncomfortable when your Master does something that you consider “your” job? Sometimes situations require that Masters take care of the house, kids and even the slave themselves. It’s not demeaning and it’s not taking things away from either party. We’ll discuss what happens – the emotions, the feelings and the possible pitfalls when this occurs.

Long Distance Authority Exchange – Matt Harmony & Girl Michelle

Long-distance relationships are challenging enough, but building and maintaining an authority exchange dynamic at a distance brings its own special set of challenges — and opportunities. What techniques can help navigate a long-distance dynamic? What tools for communication do you find most connective? What rituals and protocols can help fan the flames? How do you maximize your experiences in person to help bridge the periods of absence? Come join in this discussion with Matt Harmony and his Girl Michelle, and share your questions and experiences.

How to Manage Powerful Slaves – Master Mary, slave cita & girl coral

Powerful slaves are amazing. But they take a special kind of management to make the dynamic work. We will explore the ways to manage to make the relationship successful for all.

Keeping the Sane in SSC: Mental Health and the M/s Dynamic – Master Penguin & slave ginna

There are many ways that mental health can affect a M/s relationship.  M/s can be helpful in dealing with issues, but is not therapy.  We will be discussing ways to improve your relationship while working toward better mental health.Some of the topics covered include:  how to obtain a mental health diagnosis, how to find a kink aware therapist, and how to strengthen existing relationships with less interference from mental health issues.  We will be also discussing expectations for coping with mental illnesses and greater awareness about what behaviors can be managed within a diagnosis. Finally, we talking about our roles and how we perceive mental health differently as a Masters and slaves.

Love is a Risky Business – Skywolf

Poems, essays, music, movies, and more have sought to illustrate the abstract concept and behaviors of this profound thing we know as “Love.” “Love” can drive us to keep giving ourselves over to it past the point of madness, or it can also keep us going when others would have given up on something or someone. “True Love” can even inspire us to have fun storming the castle as seen in “The Princess Bride.” We will discuss a method of defining and modeling Love in BDSM relationships according to the business model or metaphor of investing. After all, when we love, we are investing the most important thing we have to offer, ourselves. Whether you are experienced or a novice in the paths of Love, you are sure to find an interesting tidbit or two that may help in your current relationship(s) or those yet to come.

The Prime Directive – Orja, slave cita and naomi

Description to come…

When the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree: bringing in The Next Generation.

Many in our community have young adult children who may be interested in what it is that we do.  How can those participating in the M/s lifechoice talk to their children in a healthy way and assist them in exploring M/s?  What is a healthy way to “pass the torch”?  What has worked.  What hasn’t? Please come prepared to explore what is helpful and what is a hinderance in talking to The Next Generation.

Being Your Best Self

Being your best self… is about you: your life, your goals, your priorities. As a “chosen family”, we have a multitude of interests, and we’re certainly not all motivated by the same things. However, we do have a lot in common, and it has been said that there is “wisdom in the counsel of many”. Come hear from others about how they have been able to overcome circumstances, thrive, and achieve in life!  After a brief intro to help frame up the workshop, this will be a discussion; not a lecture. The “wisdom” and “answers” will come from the combined experiences of those present. If you’d care to, please come prepared to share your strategies, techniques, or lessons learned on this or that… how you’ve been able to be successful in one or more aspects of life.