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Laura Antoniou

That Ain’t Necessarily So – Lies, Exaggerations & Silly Shit You Keep Hearing In the Scene

A true dominant will never bottom. We’re all safe, sane and consensual. Kinky people are smarter & more creative. Safewords are necessary. Verbs are nouns. There are no rules. There are rules. How many times have you heard people state, with authority and assurance, something that sounds absolute and yet maybe a little fishy? How many times have you passed on a fact or truth or rule you secretly question, or realized much later that you had been misinformed? For a scene supposedly based on open and honest communication (hah!) we tell each other – and sometimes ourselves – a lot of things that ain’t necessarily so. Whether you are new and soaking it up like a sponge or an old hand and ready to speak truth to kink, come on in for a look at some of the top deceptions, inventions and whoppers we pass around!

Creative Disobedience: The Art of Being a Wiseass

Mention SAMs or brats in the scene, and you’ll get either glee or groans, depending on your tolerance for antagonistic scenes and your level of formal dominance & submission. But there is a creative challenge to being just disobedient enough to entertain, divert, and involve a top in playful reactions ranging from a laugh to lighthearted punishment. Learn the basics of what it takes to walk that very fine line between being annoying or amusing; whiny or whimsical. This seminar may be given for bottoms only or for a mixed group.

Master Taino

“The Reality of Abuse in Master/slave Relationships”

In a society where abuse in relationships is rampant and pandemic, the Master/slave community is not immune to it.  Master Taíno will address different aspects of abusive relationships, how to detect abuse, the differences between abuse and BDSM, empowering slaves to detect abuse and different types of abuse more common in Master/slave relationships.  We are going to tell it and call it by its name.  Bring and share your own stories of abuse so we all can learn more from each other.

“The calling for Mastery and slavery”

 Particularly at the beginning of our journeys, we usually question our calling for Mastery or slavery.  How we know who we are?  How we know our true path? How can we be sure and comfortable about it?  What are the challenges that we face in this journey?   

Through an exciting exercise, Master Taíno will lead attendees to go all the way to the start of their journeys that may bring the peace of mind that we all need and accept out journey as our reality.

“Mentoring the Masters and the slaves

One important tool in the process of learning about the Master/slave dynamic is finding a mentor.  Both Masters and slaves can benefit from being under the guidance of a good mentor. 

The Master/slave community has been exposed in the Internet during the last decade and it has brought an incredible interest for the Dominant/submissive lifestyle.  Many newcomers are learning the hard way and many people end up hurt physically or emotionally in the process. 

Master Taíno will address the need to mentor newcomers, the different ways to achieve it and how experienced leather community members can become mentors.  The presentation will be suitable to those interested in becoming mentors as those in need of it.  This presentation will encourage questions and discussion from the attendees.  

Master Michael and slave angie

Health Challenges in M/s

We will discuss about the challenges and victories that are possible when serious health issues occur to people in an M/s relationship. Master Michael and slave Angie speak from personal experience on this topic, and we’ll share tools and stories with each other. To inspire and show that with a “together” approach, the M/s doesn’t have to stop.

M/s and Autism

A discussion about the challenges and successes of living in a Master/slave relationship where one of the partners in on the Autistic spectrum. Can someone with autism be the Master, or a slave, in a relationship dealing with power, authority, control? How does one go about constructing such a relationship, living it with the challenges that come from a mental health disability?

Mistress Susan and Slave Teagan

How Far Will You Go For Me? Creating and Maintaining Trust in M/s

Does your slave have the right to have limits?  How does that affect the Master?  Where do limits come from?  During this presentation W/we will discuss the following: Is there a need for limits?  Why do they come up, and what do we do with them? Is trust  complete when you own a slave? What limits will a Master have? How can the slave create trust for the Master as well? Come and join U/us in a down to earth presentation and discussion about fear, limits, and trust.

Punishment and Correction; Why Bother?

There is punishment as a form of play, and there is punishment and/or correction with the intent of improving the performance of, and to benefit, your slave. During this presentation we will look at punishment and correction as they pertain to a Master/slave relationship, their benefits, and their drawbacks. We will also explore the psychological effects that punishment and correction have on both Master and slave.

Finding Master or Mistress “Right”

Compatibility is not just a matter of kink and fetish. The Internet has opened up vast possibilities for relationship connections like never before. For the single, uncollared slave, this can be an overwhelming process. Come join slave Teagan as he addresses the age old issue of finding Master or Mistress right and determining compatibility; how to enjoy new relationship energy while identifying and approaching potential issues concerning compatibility.  He will also address some dos and don’ts on making a good first impression and how to represent ourselves positively in different venues. Lastly, how to develop interest in what you have to offer while not making assumptions, and avoiding “sub frenzy.”

Mister Blue and BlueFrost

Preparing yourself for a new relationship

A discussion on the many ways we as individuals can prepare
ourselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even financially
before entering a new relationship.

Raising children in an M/s Household

A discussion on how to live your authentic selves without
imposing your lifestyle choices on your children

Master Ookami

M/s and Poly!  What were you thinking?

 Master/slave is a tough relationship dynamic.  It requires rethinking cultural norms and forging a new dynamic from scratch.  Trust and courage are required.  Commitment is a must.  Why in the heck would someone want to do it more than once…and at the same time?  This session will quickly discuss the basics of the Master/slave dynamic and then a quick discussion of the polyamorous world.  The bulk of the facilitated session will be an exchange of experiences, thoughts, and questions about combining these two challenging but rewarding worlds.  Bring an open mind, your best behavior, and something with which to take notes because we are all going to learn something.


Leadership is what we do as Master/Dominant. Whether we realize it or not, we are leading.  Some of us are doing it well.  Others, not so well.  Being a good leader is a choice.  It is a practice.  It is a skill that can be improved.  Good leaders know themselves and are self-aware.  Good leaders know their partners and how they react to various situations.  Good leaders know the tools of mastery and apply them with judgment, compassion, and healthy intentions.
This session will cover these basic leadership concepts and participants will be invited to share their experiences, knowledge, and ideas.  Participants will leave with a better understanding of the role leadership plays in the success of their M/s dynamic.  Everyone will leave prepared to grow into their leadership roles, in and out of their dynamic. 


One of the keys to a healthy relationship of any sort is communication.  How does a relationship between two intelligent, mature people become strained or even destroyed?  Usually because of a misunderstanding, misinterpretation, or mixed signals.  This session will talk about the basic communication model and the ways that communication can fail.  The interactive discussion will allow participants to identify ways to improve their communication skills.  The session will include a discussion of the role body language plays in communication.  Finally, active listening will be described and demonstrated.  If you are interested in improving all of your relationships, join us.  If you are already a skilled communicator, please contribute to our discussion so others may learn.