Games Kinky People Play

Let’s kick the weekend off right by playing nasty.

Cards Against Humanity (A Game for Horrible People)

It’s a party game unlike any other for “horrible people” (taken from their site). CAH is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends would like. This game is about “licking things to claim them as yours,” or “smegma,” or “jerking off into a pool of children’s tears,” or “getting so angry you pop a boner.” Maybe those phrases have you saying “oh yeah” or “what…” If you have never played come by and watch a round or two. This is a popular game and seats will fill up fast!!

Bad People (The Party Game You Probably Shouldn’t Play)

Find out what your friends really think about you in this hilarious and brutal voting game. Laughing, crying, screaming, drinking and being a jerk is not only accepted  – it’s encouraged.

Never Have I Ever

The game of poor life decisions. Every game of Never Have I Ever presents a chance to relive life’s funny, embarrassing and awkward moments with your friends and chosen family. Still feeling weird about that time you called someone the wrong name during sex? How about when you got arrested for public urination? Well, don’t worry, all your poor life decision making has paid off.