Community Discussion Leaders

Our 2017 Community Discussion Leaders

Would you like to lead a community discussion? Consider joining the following discussion leaders:

Master Ben and naomi

Master Ben Martin has been in the Lifestyle for more than 20 years.  His passions are authority-based relationships and education.  He has presented on a wide variety of topics at various venues throughout the country, including the Master-slave Conference, Leather Leadership Conference, the Master-slave Gathering, and Charm City Fetish Fair.  He serves on the MTTA Board and is the coordinator of the MTTA CommunityFest, raising funds for the educational activities of MTTA.  Master Ben is a former Northeast Regional Representative for Master and slaves Together (MAsT) and is a member of several MAsT chapters.  He is in a long-term, monogamous relationship with his amazing slave naomi.

Lady O

Lady O has been involved in the Master/slave and BDSM life choice for many years.  She is active in the Master/slave communities of the Washington and Baltimore areas. She leads MAsT DC Pan, is a member of MAsT Laurel Women, and MAsT Towson. Lady O is a graduate of MTTA; and currently serves on faculty for Master Taino’s Training Academy.  She is Assistant Producer for the Master/slave Conference.

Lady O is on staff at The Crucible and Chief Dungeon Monitor for Black Rose. She is affiliated with various other groups in the Mid-Atlantic Region, and has presented on a variety of topics from Master/slave relationships to technical play skills.

slave john

slavejohn is a male slave, collared and owned by Mistress Wendy. He has been in the lifestyle as a sub/slave for 9+ years. He has been a 24/7 slave to Mistress Wendy for 5 years. He belongs to several groups including MAsT Cherry Hill and Philadelphia and BCPE. His FET name is thehiggman.

Master Rob and slave lori

Master Rob got involved in local kink communities in 2001 and transitioned from a D/s to M/s relationship in 2007. He believes the journey of a Master to be never ending and that the knowledge gained should be shared. He lives in a 24/7 Master/slave household as the owner and Master of slave lori.

Active in the Baltimore Educational and Social Society (BESS) as President, Master Rob has presented at the Master/slave Conference and to other local groups over the years. He is proud to be an alumnus of MTTA and created his own leather household – House of the Waya – and strives to live to the code of Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Trust and Respect. Master Rob strongly believes in giving back to the community and volunteers at various community activities and events.

slave lori is the slave of Master Rob, of whom she proudly wears his ring and collar. Kinky from a young age, exploring her desires led to the BDSM community and shortly thereafter to a D/s structure, and finally M/s. slave lori feels extremely blessed to have been able to travel this road with her mate and Master.

slave lori shares her fulfillment by being a member of the Executive Board of BESS, Staff member for the Master/slave Conference, providing support to newcomers, and volunteering at events. she has presented along with her Master to local groups over the years. slave lori is proud to be an alumnus of MTTA, part of the House of the Waya, and a member of the Art of slavery (Aos).

Master D and Master Ben

Master D’s bio can be found on the Staff page and Master Ben’s bio is listed at the top of this page.

Master Penguin and slave ginna

Master Penguin and slave ginna have been in a Master/slave relationship for over 15 years and married almost 20 years.  They got involved in the Norfolk, Virginia community, then moved to central PA.  Both Master Penguin and slave ginna were actively involved with WHIP, a BDSM group.  During this time, they worked the “kinks” out of their relationship and their dynamic shifted from mostly in the bedroom to a TPE M/s relationship. Later, they became involved with MAsT Frederick.  Master Penguin currently serves as Education Coordinator for MAsT Frederick and is involved with the Western Maryland Master’s Circle.  slave ginna has co-founded the 4-State slave/submissive circle in the same area.  Over the years as a couple, Master Penguin and slave ginna have faced many challenges including raising three special needs children, dealing with various physical and mental health issues, and working through healing wounds of past traumatic experiences. They are both committed to service in the community and they always try to be helpful and lend a hand when needed.


SkyWolf is a wandering shaman in search of answers, especially to the question “How can we dream a better dream?” Originally from the NY and now living in North VA, he’s been wandering the pagan and kink scenes for about 15 years and found that his current path of Primal Shamanic Spirit Hacker was waiting for him all along. Usually found sharing his famous sacred sangria, he lives to teach, guide, and promote healing to empower others to live passionately.  While proficient in multiple skills and tools, he specializes in shamanic healing especially dealing with trauma, spiritual explorations, and connecting with primal energy. Outside of presenting at events or groups, he runs his own school of shamanism teaching a unique approach to shamanic technology that enables anyone to learn and become effective. His personal heroes are Jim Henson, Batman, and Spiderman. As a child, he was raised on Addams Family, Marx Brothers, George Carlin, and Monty Python and now has enough issues for a subscription or two. Drawing upon his many years of IT security (CISSP, CEH), gaming, and fencing, he has a unique way of thinking and presenting. Whether he makes sense, speaks madness, or both is entirely up to you.

Matt Harmony and his Girl Michelle

Matt Harmony (FL: MattHarmony) and his Girl Michelle (FL: Miashell) have been gleefully building their authority exchange dynamic for more than a year. Matt lives in New York in a created family called Harmony House, which includes two of his wives, their partners and metamours, and five children. He has written and presented on polyamory, relationships, and parenting for more than 10 years.  Michelle lives in Massachusetts with her wife, two male partners, and their three children. She has over a decade of experience as an educator and organizer in the M/s, BDSM, polyamory, and queer communities.

Master Mary, slave cita and girl coral

Bios to follow…

Sir James

Sir James has been an active member of the DC-area BDSM community for about 20 years; the majority of which have been focused in and around M/s relationships.
He has led workshops on impact play, communication, online security and privacy, erotic hypnosis, Dungeon Monitor training, and other topics. He can often be found at local clubs, usually with a knife or whip in hand, and a smile on his face.  Sir James is a member of MAsT PAN DC, and attends meetings with MAsT Washington.

slave jenna

Slave Jenna has been volunteering her time and knowledge in the kink and leather community since 2005. She has given her time to MTTA, the Master/slave Conference, the Baltimore Educational and Social Society, Queer Leather Alliance, the Baltimore Playhouse, Black Rose, The Crucible, and volunteered at many different events around the region. Currently, she serves on the Board of Directors of the Baltimore Playhouse and on the Executive Committee for MsC. Slave Jenna is also the founder/director of MAsT Towson, is the bookkeeper for MTTA, the co-chef for MTTA Academy, and an Assistant Producer for MsC. She is a member of QLA, BESS, Women in Leather, and several of the Mid-Atlantic MAsT groups. In 2013, she was honored to receive the Sir Steve Community Service award at the Master/slave Conference. Slave Jenna is Owned and Operated by Sir Robert of Baltimore.

slave wendy

slave wendy has been actively exploring the life choice for five years. She has taught at C.L.U.E. (Commonwealth Learning Understanding and Educating), leads a local munch and is a member of MasT DC pan. She is a graduate of MTTA and is active in the DC/ Baltimore area.  She can be found on fet as DichotomousLife.

orja, naomi and slave cita

Bios to follow…