Meal Time Chats

Conversations with Featured Presenters

During the weekend, there will be four opportunities to enjoy a meal while having a conversation with one of our Featured Presenters. You must purchase the meal in order to attend the discussion. Meal tickets must be purchased ahead of time through the registration system. *There are a limited number of seats for the Meal Time Chats and the meals do sell out.

Saturday, April 22nd –

Breakfast with Master Michael and slave angie

Topic   Slave Spirit, Master Spirit

In this discussion, Master Michael and slave Angie will speak from their experiences as Master and slave of 13 years, one who has an evolving spiritual core, and talk about:
     – Maintaining individuality and spirit, and facing the fears that slaves have of losing themselves.
     – Looking at how a Master’s and slave’s sense of self evolves over time
     – How can spirituality and topics of self be addressed during negotiation or ongoing discussions within the relationship.

Lunch with Our Community

Topic   Being an Ally

A timely discussion that we need to have as a community. What role does race and racial prejudice play in our community? As a community are we more open to diversity or do we just delude ourselves that we are? Listen and participate in a frank and honest discussion about race from the perspective of people of color and people of non-color.

Sunday, April 23rd –

Breakfast with Mister Blue and BlueFrost

Topic M/s Burnout

How saying “no” can help create longevity in M/s

Lunch with Laura Antoniou

Topic Ask me if I Care: Tough Love for DS & MS Relationships

Created in response to the informal (and sometimes impromptu) Q&A sessions after readings, this is an interactive opportunity to talk with the author of the Marketplace series. Don’t expect sugar-coated answers: this is Tough Love SPECIFICALLY for people in Owner/owned and other authority based relationships. Dear Abby can take a hike; Laura may not care, but she respects the community enough to tell the truth formed of 30 freaking years of experience and far too many confessions. Questions may be taken in advance or submitted anonymously at this discussion. Since the content depends upon the participants, questions may veer into strange territory. Assume you will be alternately confused, amused, informed, offended and/or challenged.